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VIU Business Plan Competition 2015

Welcome all University of Vancouver Island Students,

Thanks for your participation in VIU’s second annual Business Plan Competition, Fall 2015!

2015 Business Plan competition poster

About the VIU Business Plan Competition:

Do you have a great idea for a business? The Vancouver Island University Business Plan Competition (VIUBPC) is your chance to compete for a chance to win cash prizes and valuable support to launch your business. Plus, you will learn how to write a great business plan- a valuable skill that can make your dreams a reality. The competition will have two categories; (1) Currently Enrolled students and (2) Alumni who have successfully completed a minimum of 16 credits.  Although there are different stages to developing a solid business plan, all you really need is a creative idea for a self-sustaining business.

Your business idea can be about anything- the competition is open to ideas in all aspects of business such as hospitality, technology, tourism, social enterprise, etc. Developing a business plan involves everything necessary to launch your idea to the market; from the first steps you will need to take to develop your idea, through to a plan to take your business through its first year.

Eligible entrants must be a current student or have completed 16 credits at VIU. Businesses ideas must be pre-revenue ventures or operating less than one year from your first sale.

Need some help to get started? Throughout the 2015 competition (October to November), we will be providing mentorship, opportunities to get support and feedback, and the chance to meet different kinds of entrepreneurs, coaches, mentors, and community leaders.

This year, the winning business plans will compete to win cash prizes and professional development packages!

Deadlines and Important Dates

Vancouver Island Business Plan Competition
Monday, November 16 (At 12 midnight) Deadline for submission of “Business Plans”
Tuesday, November 24 Announce Finalists for Dragon’s Den
Friday, December 4 (at B200/R203, VIU from 4:00-pm to 7:00pm) “Dragon’s Den” Style Pitch Competition “Presentation Day”

Events Calendar

Vancouver Island Business Plan Competition
Friday, October 2 (10:am-3:00pm) Kick-off event at VIU Open House
Tuesday, October 20 (4:00pm-6:00pm) Business Competition Launch at VIU Building 250/Room 220
Wednesday, October 21 (5:30-8:00pm) YPN Quarterly Connect at Helipad in Nanaimo
Thursday, November 26 (4:00pm-5:00pm) Pitch Workshop for VIU Business Plan Competition Finalists (*invite only)


Connect with Mentors

If you are interested in having a mentor, please email

Recommended Business Plan Template

Click this link for resources and business plan template:

Using this template is optional! You can submit your plan using your own template or other business plan templates that work for you.

Recommended format for Power Point slides

 10/10/30 Rule

10 minutes presentation, 10 slides, and 30 font.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I get started?

If you are currently taking an entrepreneurship course, you can let your VIU instructor know and request any assistance they can provide. They will direct you to the recommended Business Plan Template to get you started. For students who are not in entrepreneurship courses, questions can be emailed to John Predyk at

The important thing is to just jump in by describing your business idea, following the outlined steps in the recommended Business Plan Template.

Just remember- you must submit your plan by the deadline; Monday, November 16, before midnight.


2. Do I have to develop the plan by myself?

You can choose to work on the business plan either individually or in teams. You can have as many members on a team as you like. Also, participants in a team do not have to be in the same program(s) for the open category. Note that prizes will be given as one for the whole team.


3. How do I submit my business plan when finished?

E-mail your business plan to John Predyk at by Monday, November 16 at midnight. Submitting a hard copy of the plan is not necessary.


4. What kind of business plan can I develop?

You can enter a Business Plan for any type of business that you believe is a great idea, and one that will be successful! There are many categories to consider, including Technology, Hospitality, Tourism, Operations, and General Business. It is entirely your choice as an individual or a team to decide upon the area or niche you would like to work on.


5. What kind of help or guidance will be available to me or my team as we work on entering a business plan to the competition?

During the time you are working on the business plan, you can meet one-on-one with professional coaches, mentors, and entrepreneurs, who will give you advice and share their business experiences with you. Meetings will be arranged between the students and mentors depending on the students’ needs and areas of expertise they would like to have help in. Stay tuned for more information on assistance that can be provided.


6. How and by whom will my business plan get evaluated?

Pre-selected business plan will be evaluated in the final pitch day (presentations day), which is Friday, December 4 . Evaluations will be made in a “Dragon’s Den” style and will be based on the students’ presentations about their plans. The evaluation committee will have a mixed group of VIU instructors, professional coaches, and business mentors.


7. What benefits will I have as a participant in this project?

Prizes for this competition in cash and in kind are a total of $16,000. You will also gain valuable skills in strategic planning, project management, critical thinking, and community engagement, which all will better prepare you for any career you choose. As well, all participants in the business plan competition will be provided networking opportunities and the support of high-profile businesses, entrepreneurs, and some of  Nanaimo’s top community and business leaders.


8. Am I eligible to participate ?

Eligible entrants must be a current student or have completed 16 credits at VIU. Businesses ideas must be pre-revenue ventures or operating less than one year from your first sale.


9. How can I obtain mentors/coaches advice and consultancy?

In order to get you contacted with the mentors network, please also email at:

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to email John Predyk at:




VIU Second Annual Business Plan Competition is generously sponsored by:


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         Pieter de Reuver Foundation




  List of the 2014 WINNERS in the Pitch Competition 



1st Rewild Homes
Tiny portable cabins Patrick Whelan & Jessica Reid

2nd Senior Connection
Educating senior citizens on computers Kenton Dyck

3rd Eloorn 
Online education marketplace Karen Krucik

Honorable Mentions
Ink Mink
Media and graphic design Elizabeth Alexander, Daniel Blondeau
ABC Daycare
Daycare for special needs children Nataliya Pushina, Tu Bui Duc, Meaad Alharbi, Qizhen (Jeff) Li


1st foods me
Smartphone App Elisa Sophie Koehler

2nd Casablanca
Moroccan restaurant in Whistler Deborah Marshall, Mashor Althbtiy, Liu Chao, Bardia Hooshyar

3rd Autobod
Protection for your automobile Petit Reece Pollock, Drake Poulsen, Nellie Genzer, Brittany Garside, Kristina Haime, Anish Mathew

Honorable Mentions

Experience the Rock

Adventure tour company Chelsea Fortin, Dustin Deckert
An alternative accommodation and lifestyle company for ‘mobile workers’ in Canada Brent Andrew O’Brien

Congratulations to all entrepreneurs who have successfully made it to the final competition!